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Teena is a self-taught Dubai born artist with Indian roots. Her interest in art cultivated during her teenage years and further developed over the years as she showed a keen interest in arts and crafts. She believes that every painting has an emotion or conveys a feeling that connects it to the viewer. She mostly works with acrylics to have a bold color palette and rich tones of oil that capture the emotion. She likes mixing warm and cool colors together in the same painting building layers over layers, patterns over patterns, from orange to purple to turquoise to green and more. “I’m just a painter who paints day after day; sometimes not for many days..but when I do, I express. I see paintings as a vocabulary of feelings and expressions. I don’t believe in following any rules or methods or techniques when painting; sometimes you experiment with different mediums and tools and something magical happens..and there you have something totally different from your initial concept, but it’s totally worth it. My goal is to influence the viewers through my artwork to look for happiness and beauty everywhere.” Professionally an Artist and an Event Planner, Teena loves to travel and dance too – and manages to reflect her passion across all her works – events become artsy and travel becomes an event well planned. Being brought up in Dubai, Teena has seen the city develop from small simple buildings to stunning skyscrapers, and she is amazed at how Dubai continues to surprise and inspire. She is also inspired by the Asian influences from the Buddha, the Ganesha, and the splash of vibrant colors.

Teena Thawani's Work