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Rafah Abdulrazzak is a Syrian artist. She actively challenges herself to improve her art and loves to experiment with contemporary techniques. She has produced various artworks throughout her life consisting of drawing, embroidery, oil painting, acrylic, charcoal, graphite and watercolors, to name a few. “Oil painting is my favourite medium,” the artist says, “as it makes me feel free and alive”. She has drawn famous, old Syrian locations such as the Norias of Hama, the Aleppo castle and the city of Palmyra. Gradually she began drawing still life, animals, nature and portraits. She then advanced to charcoal portraits, inspired to capture the innocence and joy seen in children from different countries. She is constantly developing her skills in classes to become the best that she could be. She has participated in various exhibitions notably World Art Dubai, Horse Fair and Index at hotel show.

Rafah Abdulrazzak's Work