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From an early age, Injy has been interested in history and its prevailing impact on the art world. As a child she was captivated with landscapes, her passion was ignited after purchasing a book on sketching techniques. Upon graduating as a Nutritionist, Injy pursued a career where her degree proved most useful and continued to study Art and Clinical Hypnotherapy. During her tenure in Mars.inc.Dubai as SRA/F and BCompliance expert she was invited for a team activity that involved pottery and Painting workshops simultaneously and vowed she will join the Painting class. Her passion for art was reignited! In the interim, Injy continued to travel, visiting Louvre in Paris, churches in Italy, the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel, Bellagio and many more. Injy’s always been fascinated with landscapes and animals, capturing in oils, the imperfections of mother nature that appear perfect, she found her inspirations in the countries visited. Her most recent venture is in portraits and abstract. Every canvas holds secrets that are revealed, awakening the truth within, as she paints from the heart. Injy’s compassion and love are evident in each brushstroke, capturing emotions, behaviours, in other words, life in its purest sense, from her perspective, each painting carries a message for the viewer. And she hopes the answers get revealed.

Injy Al Masri's Work